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TV Sales Cafe is a place for sales professionals to gather, ask questions, trade ideas, and make connections. We hope you find it increasingly useful as more and more members find us and join, and that you'll come back often.

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How Did You Get Into Advertising Sales?

It's a safe bet that none of us dreamed of a career in sales when we were kids. But we're all in that business now. Some of us got into the business right out of college, and some of us went through several other careers before this one. Some sought this profession out, and some just wound up here. How did you get into advertising sales? Is this something you actively decided you wanted to do, or did you just stumble across the opportunity. Please share your story with us!

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4 Replies · Reply by Barbara Wilson Mar 29, 2016

Should Salespeople Start Out On Straight Commission?

There's a lively discussion happening at Radio Sales Cafe right now on the subject of new AE compensation. It was prompted by a rookie AE who is on straight commission, struggling, and wondering if she's going to make it. It's generated some very strong opinions from radio people, so I wondered... how do TV sales professionals feel about it. So let's break it into three parts: 1.  Thinking back to your first TV sales job (or radio, if you started out there), were you given a salary or did you…

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10 Replies · Reply by kyle hayden Mar 11, 2016

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